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Program Details

CIT is a two week experience for older campers who have a sincere desire to develop their leadership abilities. CITs live side-by-side with counselors in youth camp villages developing a variety of skills and gaining new experiences. Entrance to this program is granted by application and interview as CITs require a desire and passion to challenge themselves to grow as leaders. Each day, time is spent with other CITs and the CIT Director in workshops covering a variety of topics from discussions of behavior management and age characteristics to participating in team building activities. Other time is spent with their youth camp cabin giving the CITs opportunities to engage with their youth campers. With the guidance of their counselors, CITs have a leadership role within their cabin, taking on responsibilities and gaining confidence in leading activities. This program is designed to transition CITs from being a camper to focusing on becoming mentors and roles models for others. Through the CIT program, these teens develop skills that will benefit them in school, at work and as they grow into strong young adults.

Storer Programs
07/21/2019 – 08/02/2019
Storer Overnight Summer Camp
Storer Teen
YMCA Storer Camps
Age Range
16.00 - 17.99
Fee Type Minimum Fee Minimum Payment
Member $699.00 $150.00
Member $727.00 $150.00
Program Participant $799.00 $150.00
Program Participant $827.00 $150.00